The Pro-4 Tactical® Flashlight is one of the most powerful flashlights for its size on the market. It provides bright, reliable light in any situation with aircraft grade aluminum construction, zoom-in zoom-out functionality, and five light modes. When you need SERIOUS light, it’s perfect for home, work, outdoors, office, or emergency situations.


For light and SAFETY when you need them, use a Pro-4 Tactical® Headlamp. A POWERFUL light mounted on a comfortable, wearable head strap that supplies adjustable illumination and hands-free operation. Designed to help you stay in a safe environment with adjustable light in any direction. The rugged and reliable Pro-4 Tactical® Headlamp is one-size fits-all; lightweight and comfortable to wear; and stretches over hats and helmets. Zoom in and out in three light modes.

2 Pack Gift Set - Bonus & Headlamp

SKU: WS5186