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Pro-4 Tactical designs and manufactures high-quality, professional grade portable lights, small tools, and protective eyewear for consumers and their emergency and everyday needs.



A photo of our headquarters located in Warren, Michigan.

At Pro-4 Tactical we control every process of manufacturing and operations, which includes crafting our own molds, and managing our own shipping & receiving departments. A recognized third-party company monitors factory compliance and tests all product functions from light output to battery life. This ensures that any products that are shipped are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Pro-4 Tactical has a very experienced staff of professionals covering all aspects of the company. Our President has more than three decades of industry experience. We also are comprised of two full-time graphic designers, an accounting team led by an in house CPA, and professionals charged with running our operations center, manufacturing processes, shipping and testing departments.

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“I bought my Pro-4 Survival Watch a few weeks ago. I went camping last weekend with some friends. We ended up doing some off trail hiking, which we sometimes do. Well, while playing around in the forest, we managed to get lost and turned around, and to make matters worse, it was starting to get dark. Lucky for us, I had my new watch on and it had a compass. I used it to navigate through the woods and found the trail we came off of a couple hours earlier. By the time we found the trail, it was already dark. We were getting worried that we were going to spend all night in the woods in the dark. Really glad I decided to take it with me. Never know how bad you are going to need something til you don’t have it. From now on, I will always have it on me when I go hiking.”

Jacob G, 

Blue Springs, MO

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